Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On Sunday there were 75-80 MPH winds here in Ohio, thanks to Ike. Now I know that for a lot of more southern states this is par for the course and they're used to dealing with winds like that during hurricane season, but man it was just weird. There are still about 350,000 Ohioans without power and have been without since Sunday. Luckily, I am not among them.

I've been knitting my mom's Emerald. I love the yarn. Cascade Ecowool. It's soft and even though it smells like sheep I like it a lot and I know it will be a nice, warm sweater. The pattern is easy enough, it's from knitty. I had to make a gauge adjustment, because I was getting 4 sts/inch instead of 3 so there was some math involved. It's working out so far. It's my first sweater so I can't really gauge how well it's working out (get it, gauge?! oh, I'm funny).

I also knit another Unoriginal Hat A Yarn Harlot pattern. The last one is a Christmas present so I made myself one out of some Malabrigo Chunky (If you scroll all the way down to the bottom, I used the Sapphire Magenta colorway. It's green and deep purple and luscious) and I loves it. It covers my ears and is thick and soft and I imagine it will be a cherished "*&#% I wish winter was over!!" hat. I loved the yarn up until the end when it started going thick/thin. Which I loved in the single ply worster, but in the 3 ply that was constant up until then, not so much.

It seems that since my SP Catherine sent me that purple DB, I've been wanting to knit more and more things in purple.

Hat-Attack 2 Started yesterday!! Unfortunately the Gauge is 6.5 sts/inch. I'm knitting a hat on size 4 needles. There's no way it'll fit me, which is sad. I know I'm not keeping this particular hat, but since the correct gauge is required to be able to 'kill' your target I know that the hat I'll be getting won't fit either. I have a big head (Like.. 22" big >.>).

The hat pattern was 9 pages long. >.>

That was mainly due to charts AND written directions as well as tips and such.

Saturday I'm going to a Fiber Festival with a few friends from the LYS. It should be good times. I spent a couple hours there yesterday, knitting, and it was hard not to buy any new yarn. I'm saving my yarn money for Saturday.

Have a lovely Wednesday. =)

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