Wednesday, September 3, 2008


So Sunday I bound off the bottom edge of the Mini Cardi and that took me like an hour and kind of put a damper on my wanting to work on it (not for any good reason, really all I have to do is work 3 rows of ribbing on each side, bind off, and block it I could have had it finished a couple of days ago). For some reason it just hasn't enticed me to finish it.

I have been working on Airy Scarf. I started it at the end of July and then kind of forgot about it while I did other things and then I realized "Oh crap, it's for mom's birthday and that's in like a week!" So I'll finish that tonight maybe. I could have finished it last night, buuut

I started ripping up one of my old sweaters. It's from Aeropostale the yarn is a rabbit/acrylic/namie blend. Namie, you say? Well I don't have any idea but best as I can see that's what the tag reads.

Why am I ripping up an old sweater? This weekend I purchased Little Birds!!! The sweater I had previously decided to not unravel because the yarn was so thin, but then I realized that it was about the weight called for in Little Birds and that will save me a good $40. =) It's cream colored, not the exact shade that I wanted but it'll do! =) I'm thinking I want deep purple birds and a deep green for the vine. Idk maybe dark blue for the birds!

I had a little trouble downloading the Little Birds pattern so I e-mailed the Twist Collective sales and they responded almost immediately and sent me another link to DL it. She was very nice and very prompt! Props to Twist Collective sales! =)

I'm working 8AM-5PM at the front desk this week and it's boring and I hate it (I usually work 8AM-2PM or earlier if I don't have enough work to do). I also hate answering the phone all day. I'd never want to do this job permanently. >.>

Anyhow, I'm using Little Birds as motivation for weight loss. Buying supplies for this sweater will be rewards for my weight loss goals! (I'm thinking 5 lb increments) Since the supplies are going to be expensive (I need a total of 5 needles and both of the contrast colors) I thought it would be a good way to space it out, although it's going to be so hard waiting (Yay, motivation lol)!

That's about it for now. My mom is coming to take me out to lunch today, which will be nice. =)

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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